About Seeds

Throughout the decades, Seeds has built a legacy showcasing the work of the countless talented artists at Dreyfoos. We have cultivated our platform to embrace art from all mediums of expression and every corner of our community. Despite the challenges we face together, we will continue to develop in our artistic journeys and amplify each other’s voices. As individuals, we make up one community of artists who seek to foster free thought and embrace diversity. We are Seeds in the Black Earth.

What is Seeds?

Seeds Literary and Arts Magazine is the official literary and art magazine of A.W Dreyfoos School of the Arts. Seeds first started publishing student artwork in 1991 and has continually released new books annually. Since that time, Seeds has become an award-winning literary and arts book. Most recently, Seeds has won the National Scholastic Press Association’s 2nd place design of the year as well as Certificate of Merit for Table of Contents Page for our 2019-2020 book In Process. Many of the works featured in Seeds have been selected for awards as well. Seeds Literary and Arts Magazine, as well as its staff, have a strong dedication to continue to feature the works of past and present students of Dreyfoos.

How to Support Us

Remember to follow us on Instagram @seedsatdsoa to keep up with our latest events and updates. All donations through School Cash Online are greatly appreciated in order for us to make the best book we possibly can!