The Literary & Arts Magazine at A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts

Seeds in the Black Earth

The Literary & Arts Magazine at A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts

Seeds in the Black Earth

The Literary & Arts Magazine at A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts

Seeds in the Black Earth


Staff 2020-2021

Throughout the decades, Seeds has built a legacy showcasing the work of the countless talented artists at Dreyfoos. We have cultivated our platform to embrace art from all mediums of expression and every corner of our community. Despite the challenges we face together, we will continue to develop in our artistic journeys and amplify each other’s voices. As individuals, we make up one community of artists who seek to foster free thought and embrace diversity. We are Seeds in the Black Earth.

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Our Staff

Communication Arts senior Jenelle Pollock is the Editor-in-Chief on Seeds and is passionate about showcasing a diverse collection of student talent. Pollock’s goal on Seeds is to bring together an artistic community at Dreyfoos that goes beyond the boundaries of major, genre, or medium. She is also a captain on the Slam Poetry Team and an officer on the Film Association. Outside of school, Pollock is a math tutor and a dog walker. She loves biking in nature, scuba diving, reading, and listening to music. Although she doesn’t know what she wishes to pursue after high school, she is sure that she wants to continue to use art to bring people together.


Communication Arts senior George Wu is the managing editor on Seeds as well as one of the editors-in-chief of The Muse. He is interested in politics, having volunteered for several campaigns, and having been a poll worker. He often finds himself watching many TED-Ed videos in succession and wondering how he got himself in that situation. Wu looks forward to working with the Seeds staff to continue fostering the incredible artistic community that he has had a privilege of knowing for the past two years.


Creative Writing teacher Ms. Rigdon is a first year Seeds adviser. When she’s not teaching or advising, Ms. Rigdon coaches the DSOA slam poetry team. She is currently working on revisions for her collection of personal essays, A Little Extra. When she’s not engaged in all things literary, she’s walking her dog Adeline Virginia Woolf (AKA Addie), spending sunny days on the beach with friends, or hiking with her sister in Montana. Ms. Rigdon is thrilled to support the Seeds staff in hosting open mic nights and producing online and print issues of the magazine that give students a platform and will leave a legacy for years to come.


Communication Arts junior Emma-Jade Cantrell is a second-year staffer, and the submissions editor on Seeds. Apart from her work on Seeds, she is also the coverage editor on the Marquee yearbook. Cantrell enjoys writing and is a member of the DSOA slam poetry team. Outside of school, she spends her time working on homework, watching Netflix, and hanging out with her cat. She is so excited to work with the staff to produce an amazing literary and arts magazine this year.


Communication Arts junior Kailee Goldstein is a second-year submissions staffer on Seeds. Outside of Seeds, Goldstein is also part of NHS and NEHS. Goldstein is an avid reader and enjoys playing video games in her free time. She wants to pursue a career in writing, whether it be journalism or creative writing, and plans to go to college in Florida. Goldstein is very glad to be part of Seeds once again and looks forward to making another award-winning book this year!


Communications Arts Senior Grace Gosinanont is a second year submissions staffer on Seeds. Other than the Literary Arts magazine, Grace is also committed to the Film department at Dreyfoos as well as the Slam Poetry club. When not rushing through college applications or desperately trying to keep her houseplant alive, Grace spends her time writing short stories or volunteering with cats at her local shelter. Gosinanont is ecstatic to return to Seeds to continue to experience the creativity the Dreyfoos community provides even in difficult times.


Communication Arts junior Margo Mandell is a first-year submissions staffer on Seeds. In addition to Seeds, she is a part of the Dreyfoos film department. In her free time, she enjoys her work as a peer counselor, watching historical dramas, and exploring the obscure cities of south Florida. She aspires for a future career in law. Mandell is proud to work with the unique and talented Seeds staff to provide readers with a brilliant and engaging literary and arts magazine experience.


Communication Arts sophomore Sarah Sams is a first-year submissions staffer on Seeds. Aside from working on Seeds, Sams is a coverage staffer on The Marquee yearbook. In her free time, she enjoys hanging with friends, watching movies, and reading books. She aspires to have a career in pharmacy and go to college at the University of Florida. Sams is looking forward to being a part of the Seeds staff to help create an astounding literary and arts magazine.


Communication Arts senior Alissa Xiao is a second-year submissions staffer on Seeds. Outside of Seeds, she is a creative writer, filmmaker, slam poet, and bowler. She hopes to bring her creative talents and love for writing and art to the publication. In her (minimal) spare time, she likes writing poetry, petting her cat, and discovering obscure French indie music. While she is undecided on what she wants to pursue, she knows her future will be bright and full of art. She is enthusiastic about working with her fellow Seeds staffers to showcase the best art Dreyfoos has to offer.


Communication Arts senior Josh Kenny is a third-year publicity member on Seeds, this year returning as the publicity editor. Other than Seeds, Kenny is the co-president of NEHS as well as being engaged in other societies and clubs. Kenny enjoys paddleboarding, going to the beach, and hanging out with his friends. Kenny hopes to obtain a career in marketing after attending college.


Communication Arts senior Caleb Harris is in his third year on Seeds, taking on the role of a publicity staffer. Aside from Seeds, Harris is president of the Dreyfoos Film Association and on the tennis team. When he’s not working on homework or trying to catch up on sleep, he enjoys spending time with siblings and friends, working on films, and watching movies on Netflix. Harris is very excited to be a part of the Seeds staff and produce an amazing magazine for his final year of high school.


Communication Arts junior Jade Lichtenstein is a first-year publicity staffer on Seeds. Outside of Seeds, Lichtenstein loves to snorkel and write. She loves to hang out with her friends and eat Ben and Jerry’s New York Super Fudge ice cream. Lichtenstein is looking forward to the positive environment Seeds fosters and can’t wait to share this year’s book.


Communication Arts junior Veronica Longoria is a second-year publicity staffer. Outside of Seeds, Longoria is a part of The Muse and various clubs. She enjoys spending quality time with her friends and writing. Longoria would like to visit many beautiful places in her lifetime while working as an investigative journalist. She is extremely excited about this year and looks forward to making the magazine amazing.


Communication Arts sophomore Dakota Moss is a first-year publicity staffer on Seeds. In addition to Seeds, she is also part of TV Production. Other than school, Moss is a figure skater and is a part of the school’s soccer team. Moss is planning on working in the criminal justice field, and she is already taking classes to get her there. She is excited to work on an amazing publication and hopes to continue in her future years at Dreyfoos.


Communication Arts sophomore Maxwell Popovic is a first-year publicity staffer. Popovic, originally from Indiana, plays hockey, his favorite sport. He spends most of his time completing schoolwork, but when he is able to get some time off he enjoys cooking, longboarding, playing video games, watching TV, and desperately attempting to learn guitar, mostly to no avail. His dream job is to be a food truck owner, but until he gets to that point, he wants to work in finance or marketing. Popovic is thrilled to work his hardest on the Seeds staff for the rest of his time at Dreyfoos.


Communication Arts senior Emma Wolnewitz is a third-year publicity staffer on Seeds. When she isn’t planning Open Mic Nights or posting on Instagram with her staff, Wolnewitz enjoys running cross country and track for Dreyfoos (although she likes her team more than the sport), watchingTikTok, and going to Chick-fil-a with Natalie. She hopes to attend a college in Florida and work hard to become an elementary school teacher. Wolnewitz cannot wait to create an amazing magazine with the amazing staff that Seeds has this year.


Communication Arts Senior Valentina Gomez is a third-year Seeds staffer and this year’s business editor. Outside of the publication, Gomez is also Vice President of Dreyfoos’ Spanish Honor Society and works part-time at her family’s small businesses. Whether it’s taking naps, going on TikTok, or being with the people she loves, Gomez always has something to do with her time. She hopes to continue to pursue business in her college career or have a focus in public relations all while keeping a positive attitude for her last year in high school and in her beloved magazine.


Communication Arts junior Yasmin Ali is a second-year business staffer on Seeds. Ali is an instructor at Communication Arts Academy. She also volunteers for the local non-profit organization, E-Roadmap Corporation where she manages marketing and communications. When she isn’t working, attending school, or doing volunteer work, she enjoys spending time with her friends and engages in a few hobbies such as photography, painting, and cooking. She is excited about working on this year’s edition of Seeds to help make it the best it can be.


Communication Arts junior Makila Augustin is a second-year business staffer on Seeds. Aside from Seeds, Augustin is a part of NEHS and NHS. When she is not working on assignments for school, she relishes watching movies, binging tv shows, and observing film techniques. She aspires to major in communications after attending Dreyfoos and to become a successful director in Hollywood, California. Makila is very excited to continue to produce an amazing literary and arts magazine for Seeds.


Communication Arts senior Natalie Cohen is a business staffer on Seeds. She loves being a part of the publication and organizing fundraisers. Aside from spreading Seeds spirit, she also has class spirit as the Senior Vice President. She usually spends her time catching up on work and spending time with friends. Natalie aspires to have a career in marketing and public relations and is excited for what this year has in store for her and her staff!


Communication Arts junior Se’maj Griffin is a second-year business staffer on Seeds. Outside of the classroom, Griffin enjoys making music, filming videos, and screenwriting. She also enjoys hanging with her friends and using social media. She aspires to attend a university to become an entertainment lawyer. Griffin is excited to work on the Seeds business section and this year’s literary and arts magazine!


Communication Arts junior Benji Gans is a first-year business staffer on Seeds. Aside from Seeds, Gans is a part of the Dreyfoos Speech and Debate Team. When he’s not working on school work, you can generally find him out on the ocean fishing on his boat. He aspires to have a career in Business Admin and go to college locally. Gans is very excited for his new role on Seeds, as last year he was a publicity staffer. He looks forward to working with his staff this year to gather the funds necessary to produce a phenomenal 30th Anniversary edition of Seeds.


Communication Arts senior Asha Kollannur is currently a third-year business staffer on Seeds. She is also a member of the Dreyfoos film department, and is a competitive dancer. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, going to the beach, and watching movies.


Communication Arts junior Gina Bernstein is the book production editor and a second-year staffer on Seeds. Bernstein is also first-year design staffer on The Muse. She is passionate about animals and nature, and has a pet crested gecko. Bernstein is also on the Speech and Debate team and enjoys spending time with her friends. She aspires to have a career with animals. Bernstein is looking forward to being a part of the Seeds staff and creating an amazing magazine this year and in years to come.


Visual Arts junior Kyra Kramer is a second-year book production staffer on Seeds. She works diligently in her academics and is learning Mandarin online. She hopes to attend a good college without breaking the bank.


Phoenix Medley is a Communication Arts sophomore and a part of book production on Seeds. Alongside Seeds, Medley is a member of the debate team, a creative writer, and co-president of the book club at Dreyfoos. In her spare time, she likes to make art and volunteers at a nonprofit writing blogs. She also enjoys experimenting with different crafts and playing with her dogs, Thor and Loki.


Ares Molina is a Communication Arts major and book production Seeds staffer. When not working on the book and screaming at Ion because of lag, she enjoys drawing, making memes, staring at dogs, and working on her novel-in-progress, which she hopes to one day publish and make into a fantasy book series. Molina’s most memorable contribution to Seeds is her obsession with plague doctor masks.


Communication Arts junior Caroline Murray is a second-year book production staffer. In addition to this position, Murray sings with Young Singers of the Palm Beaches, rows on the North Palm Beach Rowing team, is a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Student of The Year, Historian of the Junior Class Council, Historian of Music Therapy Club, Vice President of Self Love Club, and a Vice President of Film Association. She deeply enjoys being involved in the community and spending her time doing activities she loves. When she’s not busy with such extra circulars and leadership positions, she’s cleaning her room, photographing friends, or making films. She aspires to live out her days with a big family and hopes to attend the University of Florida. Murray is ecstatic to be on the Seeds staff, working with her friends to produce a one-of-a-kind literary and arts magazine!