Seeds in the Black Earth

Joshua Kenny
Communications sophomore Josh Kenny is a first-year publicity staffer on Seeds. He enjoys advertising Seeds as he believes the magazine focuses on including all majors in Dreyfoos throughout the publication, which is a unique aspect to Dreyfoos. Outside of Seeds, he participates in speech and debate along with volunteering at a local animal shelter in his community and participating in student-run clubs here at Dreyfoos. In the future, he hopes to be living in New York City as he loves the diverse and cultural community that resides in the “Big Apple.” He hopes to get a degree in marketing and  have the opportunity to travel with his future job because he understands that there is so much to explore and the more exploring you do, the more experiences you gain in life. Dreyfoos will allow him to discover his passions for the future as well as find his true self during his youth.

Joshua Kenny, Publicity Staffer

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